Interview With Artist Kyler Sullivan

Cloud Up Blog artist interview with Nashville based singer-songwriter Kyler Sullivan. Check out the interview and check out his new music coming soon 🙂 Where are we talking from today?I am an independent, country artist living in Nashville, TN. Do you collaborate with other artists?I’ve collaborated with friends from Belmont University, which includes writing and […]

The Most Underrated Bizarre Inventions Products You Need to Know

There have been quite a lot of amazing inventions over the years, but at the same time, we also had some rather dumb ones. It’s safe to say that while some inventions revolutionized industries, some of them was a simple, sometimes useless gimmick. Here we are covering some of the most interesting, yet bizarre inventions […]

New Interview With The Amazing Artist Rvkah

Where are we talking from today?I’m in Phoenix right now! Do you collaborate with other artists?I absolutely do. At the moment I’m currently collaborating with Grammy Award winner and Golden Globe Nominee, Charlie Midnight, and the extremely talented Jan Fairchild. I have more collabs in the work though I’ll have to talk about those later […]

Man has 20 worms pulled from his eye
Bizarre Story of Man Having up to 20 Worms Pulled From His Eye

Talk about a weird and strange story, this one is eye-opening. A man in his 60’s living in the city of Suzhou had up to 20 live worms pulled out from his eye. Doctors suspect the patient was bitten by bugs carrying parasitic larvae. The worms had lived inside of the man for over a […]

Artist on the Rise – Blow It by JI Everything

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