Unique New Interactive Online Magazine Helps Musicians And Songwriters Succeed

NASHVILLE – Indie Connect, a company known for its in-depth music industry education and networking events is proud to announce the launch of Indie Connect Magazine. The company bills the free online publication as ‘The Music Industry Success Magazine’ because it is designed to help indie artists, musicians and songwriters improve their chances of making money from their talents. It features success stories, interviews, informative articles, music and teaching videos, valuable resources and priceless tips. 

Indie Connect has recruited a long lineup of globally respected industry professionals and educators, such as social media maven and #1 best-selling author, Ariel Hyatt to contribute to the magazine. As a result, the information in it is always relevant, accurate and useable. Each issue will cover a broad range of topics critical to an artist’s or songwriter’s success. Some of the topics include marketing and PR, crowdfunding, booking gigs, recording, music licensing, legal issues, vocal and instrument lessons, songwriting tips, publishing, music video production, business management and performing.

According to Indie Connect CEO, Vinny Ribas, the company’s mission has always been “…to ensure that a career in the music industry is an attainable, profitable and sustainable choice for anyone who wants it and has the passion, work ethic and talent or skills required.“ Ribas believes the magazine is the best way to quickly help most musicians because it will “consistently deliver critical information, tools, insights and resources, and do it in a simple, entertaining and highly engaging manner”. 

Indie Connect Magazine is free and can be viewed at www.indieconnectmag.com. “By tapping into the successful experiences and expertise of noted music professionals,” says Ribas “we believe it can help revive and unify the hurting music industry around the globe.” That is why he encourages everyone, including music organizations and companies that sell to or serve musicians to share the magazine with their friends, members and/or customers.

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