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Play Often No Matter What

Original article by Christopher Knab Visit us at www.entirelypr.comentire.lypr@gmail.comPlay Live Often and Don’t Worry About Getting Paid For Every Gig.You can always tell the difference between a musician who is in it for the money, and a musician who is in it for the music.The dedicated musician can’t NOT play music every chance they get. Money-focused musicians […]


Below is a list of opportunities available for indie musicians around the web. Please visit us at www.entirelypr.com for more information. Emotional Singer/Songwriter Songs For New TV Series https://www.musicxray.com/interactions/25017/submissions/new Maybach Music Group Seeking Great New Urban Talent  https://www.musicxray.com/interactions/11339/submissions/new Nashville Publishing & Artist Development Company Looking To Sign A New Act  https://www.musicxray.com/interactions/23716/submissions/new Blue Track Records An […]


Visit us at www.entirelypr.com Access more tools by visiting our hub page at https://sites.google.com/site/thehubopensite/ Below is a current list of opportunities available for artist on various platforms.  Music X Ray  Emotional Singer/songwriter songs for new TV series  https://www.musicxray.com/interactions/25017/submissions/new Skateboarding Film Seeks Rock and Punk Rock Songs – Synch Payout $1,000  https://www.musicxray.com/interactions/24887/submissions/new Music Supervisor looking for Urban/Soul/Hip […]

Be a Master Musician

One of the curious developments of the late 70’s was the huge increase in garage bands, punk bands, and ‘do-it yourselfers’, who just picked up an instrument, or started to sing with some friends, and 6 months later recorded a record and began to play live. Some great music, and new directions in music, came out of […]

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