Brooklyn Emcee “Grisly BK” Is Creating A Buzz Blending The Turn Up Sound With Lyrical Skill

Congratulations to Grisly BK and his features in Rap or Die, Paper Chaser and My Funk.Ning.

Grisly BK brings a merge of today’s sound and style, and mixes it with a content based hip hop sound of yesterday. And it is working perfectly for his character sound. He delivers his words with an aggressive hunger and gritty voice tone, yet still holding remarkable clarity. It is an actual  “emotion”  determination to be recognized for talent i have not had the pleasure of hearing in a while.
    Currently releasing singles, he is in talks of getting a project put together. it’s obvious after checking out a few tracks, he wants his album to be delivered in a whole. meaning each song fitting a certain preference relating to the titled catalog as a full length project. Yet, I personally think a collection of Grisly BK’s music would move well either way. Every punch line, metaphor and rhyme scheme is so intricately placed on the beat, everything Grisly BK touches turns into an instant classic for this Hip Hop consumer.
Check a few tracks out today from Grisly BK’s Reverbnation account, and get a taste of some good old fashioned street hip hop, with a new age twist.

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