In Anticipation Of Their Upcoming Album Release, Prince Peezy & La La Chanel Combine Their Skills To Keep The Air Waves “Lit” With Their New Music Video Video

Congratulations to Prince Peezy & La La Chanel and their placements in Wu World, Nerve DJ’s & Hood Illustrated. Original article from WU World link.

Broward County Florida has a powerful combination for the music industry in its mix. Hip Hop artist “Prince Peezy” and R&B songstress “La La Chanel” merge their talents, visions and drive into doing what they love. And in doing so are re-creating something we have not really heard in awhile….flat out good music. Fusing the Hip Hop and R&B sound they take me back to a time when rappers didn’t sing and singers really could..and music had a balance. 
   In preparation for their upcoming album release, currently scheduled for a November 4th, Prince peezy & La La Chanel have just dropped a new video titled “Lit.” And that is the best way I could describe. An excellent cinematic presentation for 2 young artists, “Lit” caught me from the beginning and held me til the end, where I pressed repeat. 
  On top of a catchy and beautiful hook, banging beat and hard was refreshing to see 2 young artists present a professional music video that wasn’t just full of drugs being done, gang signs being thrown and guns waved at the camera. So don’t expect that when you press play. Expect “REAL” entertainment. Filled with quick quality edited shots, choreography and people just overall having a great time doing what they love. For the first time in years, I seen a real music video from very talented independent artists. And I have to say, Hip Hop is not dead. It is buried in the underground and digging its way back up.  
Check Out the Vevo Release of “Lit” Today

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