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Written by Jasen Keplinger

American Horror Story fans were in for a treat with this week’s episode titled “Drink the Kool Aid”. Technically it was a Halloween episode, although AHS didn’t make reference to the holiday during the episode.

The episode begins as Kai (Peters) recounts the great history behind previous cults’ mass suicides including Heaven’s Gate, Waco, and Jim Jones. He then asks his followers would they be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Well would they?

Kai later proceeds to bring in a container of Kool Aid and several cups. The women (Porter, Lourd, Pill, and Paulson) are brought in and made to drink or be shot. Everyone in the room drinks and only then does Kai reveal there’s no poison. He only wanted to test their faith.

Ally and Ivy (Paulson and Pill) finally speak once again after Ally shockingly joined the cult last episode. At first they seem to be getting along, that is until they are in their own house again. Ally lovingly makes dinner, pours wine, and discusses how she felt about Ivy’s betrayal. Only then does she reveal she has actually poisoned Ivy and proceeds to watch her die.

Who the baby daddy? Fans may be asking this in regards to Ally’s son Osmodeous, especially after last episode. Kai spins a web of tales to Ally saying that he was actually the sperm donor that Ally was impregnated with a few years ago. He wants to rattle and control her, although Ally turns the tables by doing her own investigating. She uncovers that Kai is NOT the father although she figures why not let him think he really is. So, she doctors her file to make it appear Kai really is the father and presents the file to him.

AHS fans only have a few more episodes left in this season. It will be interesting to see where this story leads. I have a few predictions myself!!

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