Giving R&B That Soulful Sound Again, TheGroupTG Would Like To Introduce Themselves To Your Playlist

 Hailing from nashville, TN,the R&B group who call themselves “TheGroupTG” are bringing a sound back with soul we have not heard in some time. Music today is all digital. And most singers actually can’t. Their vocals are just tons of leveled over lays and technical auto tuned notes. But no real soul or actual singing talent.

   Enter TheGroupTG. These 4 gentlemen combine their vocal capabilities and give us a sound reminiscent of Jodeci, Shai, New Edition, etc. They hold the components and create a sound that legends are made of. As of this moment, other than a few releases, things a very hush hush about TheGroupTG.  Word is an album is in creation and a few labels are reaching out even before they hear the finished product. But after a listen to one or two songs. You will see why. Check out “TheGroupTG” today, and get a dose of some real music. 
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