Giving R&B That Soulful Sound Again, TheGroupTG Would Like To Introduce Themselves To Your Playlist

 Hailing from nashville, TN,the R&B group who call themselves “TheGroupTG” are bringing a sound back with soul we have not heard in some time. Music today is all digital. And most singers actually can’t. Their vocals are just tons of leveled over lays and technical auto tuned notes. But no real soul or actual singing […]

Orlando Stricklen Releases His Lead Single “Cold Dead Hands” From His “Workin Man Workin On A Livin” Project

 Orlando Stricklen Releases His Lead Single “Cold Dead Hands” From His “Workin Man Workin On A Livin” Project   Singer/Songwriter Orlando Stricklen was born in Georgia, but spent most his childhood living in Arkansas. He always had a love for music and the creation there of, but at 17, when Orlando lost his Mother, he found […]

Congratulations to 6 Gang’s new feature in 360 Magazine

Fort Dodge, Iowa’s 6 Gang is ready for success, and they want you to know it. The hip hop/rap trio is creating a strong buzz with the release of their new single “I Got A Plug.” The single was released on October 31st, 2017 on the Entirely PR Record label. “I Got A Plug” is […]

5 Intriguing Letters To A 17th-Century Advice Column

Original article taken from In London in 1690, John Dunton founded the Athenian Mercury, a magazine to answer “all the most nice and curious questions.” It was the world’s first advice column.Any literate person could write in with questions on subjects ranging from the philosophical to the scientific to the personal. One man […]

The Importance of a YouTube Channel for Your Music Business:

Original article at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. We all know that social media marketing is the way forward. But if you’re involved in music, there is really only one social network you should be using. YouTube is booming in popularity – 3 billion hours of video are watched every month – so if you’re […]

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