Congratulations to artist A’France and his feature on Hood illustrated

In Preparation for Upcoming EP, A’ France Leaks The Single “Curious George v2”

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Nashville, TN carries the nickname The Music City. From The Grand Ole Opry House to The Johnny Cash Museum, Nashville has always been heavily engulfed in music and it’s history. One of Hip Hop’s most memorable Nashville artist was the former G-Unit Comrade “Young Buck.”  We rode with him through his hometown he called “Cashville Ten-A-Key” and loved every minute. So whenever we hear of a new artist coming out of Nashville it catches our attention.

Enter up and comer A’France. Born Anthony France, he abbreviated to his first initial, kept his last name and stayed as true to who he really is as he introduced himself to the underground. Prepping to released his untitled debut EP this spring, he decided a leak was in order. The single he choose to drop is called “Curious George v2.”  He glides lyrically over the bass hitting with a country drawl and a gangsters testimony. Def a hot intro. Being from where the winters are cold, I’d say the taste I got showed me this is going to be a great project to ride with the windows down and the 15’s beating with the bass knob up. Check it out today.

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