Introducing Shutter Zoe

1. Where are we talking from today?

We are talking from McDonough, Georiga. 

2. How did you get involved in music?

I got involved with music at an early age. when I was a kid I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and anything to do with pop. I started listening to rap because of my older brothers. They use to play Nas all the time I never understood the words because I was so young. By the time I was 17, I discovered a lot of different genres and artists. My favorite musicians, I would listen to was Tha Joker, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, SGP, Asap rocky, etc. by the time I was a junior in high school I started making my own music.

3. Can you describe your music?

My music has always been about reality it can also be very adventurous and daring I’m always singing and rapping about the things I see or the way I see things. I try to be very spiritual when I make my music. My lyrics have to match my personality. everything has to be authentic and from the heart. The sonic aspect of it is usually very cloudy and atmospheric very dreamy.

4. Music wise, what are you working on?

Right now I’m working on visuals I have so many songs but no visuals. Visuals to me are the biggest key to succeed its time for people to actually see me.

5. What would you like to say to your fans and the world?

To the fans and the world, the only thing I wanna say to them is to do your best at anything you do. Also, remember to love and have compassion for people we all need each other more than anything. Don’t let the world change you or your heart be true to yourself and have faith in God pray for me ill do the same.

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