Congratulations To Brandon James For His Review In The Band Camp Diaries

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Brandon James recently released a stunning single and matching music video titled “There She Goes.” The track displays a really strong combination of old-school R&B, pop and even hits of rock, going for a very uplifting arrangement. Comparisons with classic acts like Al Green, James Brown or Bill Withers immediately come to mind, as Brandon and his band set out to really charm their audience with charismatic lyrics, catchy hooks and passionate performance values. The video is interesting to watch and really well-produced, acting as a perfect match with the song’s mood and style. There is a certain retro charm, which really defines this song. However, this isn’t a nostalgia act. “There She Goes” is a fresh track with a nice romantic vein and a really cool twist. This is definitely a great taste of Brandon’s talent as a vocalist, as well as the chemistry of his bandmates. Together, this line up really managed to create something quite vibrant and unique, setting the bar higher and inspiring listeners with a really cool song.

Find out more about Brandon James, and do not miss out on “There She Goes” and other releases from this amazing artist:

There She Goes Music Video –

E.P.K –

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