Venom is campy and creepy. Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the Marvel villain is something to see. Hardy plays the character spot on with a mixture of comedy and melancholy. The voice in his head providing a dark and violent tone as the movie trucks along.

I got to say, Michael Bay either was or should’ve been called in. If the movie would have had even one more explosion, it would have been the next Transformers sequel. It was overkill on the special effects and destruction scenes. The movie had a decent enough plot and Hardy’s portrayal of the character to keep you interested.

Venom reminded me a lot of the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies. The film was dark but comical, a lot like Maguire’s Spiderman films. It was a nice relief from the oncoming line of dark super hero movies. The irony here being that Venom is as twisted as they get.

Overall this was a pretty decent movie.

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