G Funk Documentary Shows How The West Coast Once Regulated The Rap Industry

You Tube is really gunning to become a top dog in the music & TV industry. The networks YouTube premium and YouTube TV services are now competing on the same level with Pandora and Netflix. YouTube premium recently hosted Eminem’s Kamikaze album and Warren G’s G Funk documentary.

Warren G’s documentary depicts a first hand account of the rise of G Funk music. The doc features footage and narration of the Dr Dre Chronic album recording sessions. Snoop Dogg’s debut album recording sessions and Warren G’s debut album recording sessions. All three records encompassing the G Funk music style. Of course all three records are now well known classics.

As detailed in the documentary G Funk was derived from P Funk. The doc goes into great detail describing how funk music over the decades laid the ground work for G Funk and west coast rap itself.

Today those records are classics and G Funk gave in to the modern industry years ago. Still it’s nice to take a trip down memory lane, especially west coast style.

G Funk is a beautifully shot documentary that is well worth the watch. If YouTube keeps rolling out content like this, then the premium service need not worth about its place in the music and TV industry high archy.

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