WWE Raw Is Ratings

Raw stormed the screen this week with a star studded but lack luster show. For a while now WWE’s staple show has been in the dumps with it’s ratings. On top of that you have the company’s plan to move into foreign markets more in full effect. The rumor mill spun out a story of WWE inking a long term deal with Saudi Arabia recently. Part of this deal was that WWE would bring back more of it’s legends to perform. It’s obvious now that WWE is playing ball.

So here we are with another WWE raw overcrowded with aged out superstars trying to still shine. Don’t get me wrong, I love HHH, HBK, The Undertaker etc. These guys were past their prime 15 years ago. Now there just old stars, old news trying to shine amongst the young stars.

The point I’m trying to drive home here is this, WWE needs to move on. The ratings game is lame. Half of the world doesn’t even watch TV or have cable anymore. I usually watch Raw on Hulu the day after or YouTube the night of. WWE is trying so hard for good TV ratings that the content of the show itself sucks. I don’t care if you bring out a 1000 year old DX or Kane. Obviously they are there to put butts in seats, but that’s all there doing.

The burden of actually entertaining the audience is left to the young stars. Their is a plethora of great young talent on Raw. Unfortunately there story lines and careers seem to be taking a back seat to the legends and it shows in the weak storylines.

WWE spit out another mediocore show overcrowded with aged out stars. Hopefully next week their concerned with the shows content and not ratings and making Saudi Arabia happy.

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