Halloween Franchise In Good Shape

I have always been a Halloween movie fan. From the first time I saw John Carpenter’s original when I was 12. Over the years I’ve seen many sequels and the the reboot. Also worth noting is Halloween 3, which had nothing to do with Michael Myers. Needless to say, the franchise has suffered a few terrible and confusing movies. Halloween Resurrection almost killed the franchise, putting Michael Myers up against Busta Rhymes. Rob Zombie tried but failed to hit the mark. He even took the iconic piano song out of his Halloween 2. You can’t have Michael Myers without his theme music.

In the latest edition simply titled Halloween, the franchise returned to its true form. The movie features the original stars who played Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. John Carpenter did the soundtrack and help produced the film. The movie intro is even spot on to looking like the original. I was hooked from scene one. Michael even returned to his original form as the shape. The movie felt like the original, often following Michael directly and from his point of view.

In my opinion the movie is as good as the original. Meticulously filmed to capture the uniqueness and creepiness that made the original movie so special. Rumors abound says there will be a sequel but why bother. Obviously the franchise will go on, but there’s no need to continue this film. You rarely catch lightning in a bottle once let alone twice. Both the original and the modern Halloween should go down as masterpieces.

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