Hailed As An End To Mumble Rap

The article was written by – Twizm Whyte Piece
Trend’s Are everywhere But what Makes an Exciting Refreshing New Image Work …. Originality 
With The Advancement Of Mumble Rap In Hiphop 
Artist’s everywhere Are Embracing What Seems To be The Future Of Hiphop 
Yet Here With This Creation Twizm Whyte Piece – ( Multi Award Winning Indie Entertainer ) –
Has Brought Back A Clear Spoken Journey Thru the Life Of an Entertainer As Was What Made Hiphop So Pure 
Discover Everything You Can And More about This New Ep Called #BetrayalEp Now 
This Ep Is The 12th Music Release From Twizm Whyte Piece And Will be Available WorldWide On Spotify Itunes AppleMusic Deezer And More Across The Globe 
Still Riding The Success Of Playboy Magic Ep Over 300000 Streams Collectively This Iconic Hiphop Entertainer Just Finished up With his 161st Performance At The Hard Luck Bar In Toronto ( Watch behind The Scenes Video ) Twizm Whyte Piece Is Proving That Mumble Rap Is On It’s Way Out And Twizm Is Taking His Place In Today’s Race Known AS Hiphop 
When Asked Recently In An Interview About Today’s Hiphop Scene Twizm Replied 
“ Eminem only has Lyric’s , The World Is Ready For An Iconic Entertainer ” 
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