Interview With Michael Neely Former Label Executive and Former Def Jam A&R

 Introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Michael Neely former label executive, former Def Jam A&R I have been in the business of music going on 30 plus yrs now. I have developed and mentor many artists from country music to rap, and hip-hop, also r&b.

What kind of job were you doing before you decided to get into the music business?

I was working at  McDonald’s in Decatur Ga on the corner of Glenn-wood Ave and Columbia Dr as a grill manager.

What made you get into the music industry?

I grew up in Atlanta Ga during the early 90s during the time when music was alive, I started out as a freelance bodyguard for a few Atlanta favorite, Kenny Diamond from V100, James Smart, and I work with off and on with a young man by the name of AL Hayman who was the first person to give me a chance (Omni arena their artist there was Heavy D, Queen Latifa, Digital Underground, McLyte)

Name some of the artists you have worked with?

ABC (Another Bad Creation ), Salaam The All Mighty, Bam Bam, Kebo Cyrus,Justin Blake Cma, BizzyBone, Dave Holister, Twista, Do or Die, Raz B, Dougie Fresh, Men At Large, Bizzare (d12) Webbie, Lloyd, KeKe Wyatt,112,Ja Rule,Ludacriss,8Ball&MJG,Bone Thugs N Harmony,  Too short, Lil Flip, Flava Flav,  Juvinile, Webbie, TrillVill, Lil Kim, Chico BB.King, Public Announcement, JoJo&KC, DMX,BG, Whodini, Slim From CashMoney, David Banner, Debarge, LiL Boosie, these are just to name a few.

How did Def Jam find you?

I knew a few of them was on my social media page, but I really did not think about it until I got the call from one of the executives of the label, who then spoke to me about becoming one of the AnR rep for the label.

When did you start becoming an A&R for Def Jam?

I was asked to be an A&R for #Defjam in February 2016 and which was a dream of mine come true because I always wanted to be an A&R for a major label.

What are you doing now since you let Def jam go?

I am a music consultant and a motivational speaker and i am also the CEO of an indie label called  and also an online magazine called Xs10magazine –

What was your reaction when they asked you to become one?

I thought one of my friends was playing a trick on me because they knew that is what I wanted to do as a job in the music industry

What were you doing when you got that call from Def Jam?

I was playing video games with my son and telling him to stop cheating on the game

So is being in the music business as hard as people say it is?

Music is what you make of it, if you choose not to follow direction then, of course, it will be hard for you. But in my case music is a passion of mine from long ago and I enjoy its ups and downs when it comes to the business of music in all aspects of it.

What do you think about the Illuminati?

HHHHMMMM … I don’t know, I don’t look to know who they are

So since you was with Def Jam as an A&R what were you doing then?

I have been mentoring a few upcoming artists and leading them in the right direction when it comes to being successful in the music industry.

So when you are not working with Def Jam on your days off what are you doing?

I am a music consultant for a few companies and I own my own business which is a marketing and promotion company based out of Atlanta Ga.

What advice can you give some of today’s artist?

Invest in your craft and don’t listen to another artist cause please remember you are his compaction, and music artist listen to the wrong people when it comes to getting noticed and heard by the music industry

How can our reader reach you?


Fb: reddoggmusic

Twitter: bigmikemusic

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