Introducing Artist Knb

Bradley A. Lovell was born on the tiny slice of paradise, Barbados. Known by his artist name, KnB, Bradley is a legitimate child of the eighties whose biggest musical inspirations are rap legends Nas and Tupac Shakur.
Bradley possesses a personality and musical style that are just as distinctive and magnetic as his home country. It was in St. Maarten where his musical interest was ignited and some of his early childhood was spent learning to play the drums. His musical skills were further developed in the Cayman Islands, where he performed in his school’s orchestra and later in two musically diverse bands (a swing jazz band and a steel pan band).
That young performer has now evolved into the rap artiste/songwriter, KnB. KnB’s music is both free and captivating, often touching on a myriad of social issues and themes that resonate with listeners. The songs can be as serious as Bradley’s deepest thoughts or as playful as his everyday demeanor; “I believe in portraying an honest reflection of yourself, being authentic and doing what feels right. So, whether I’m taking the listener on a journey of pain and triumph, a journey of chasing dreams or simply celebrating the joys of life, I want listeners to enjoy and be inspired by what they hear.”
Bradley has a strong drive for success. This drive is a reflection of his idol’s boxing legend Muhammed Ali, whose desire to be the Greatest brought him not only immeasurable personal and professional success but also global recognition. Bradley hopes to repeat this success by being a motivator for others with his life story and aims to inspire greatness in all who come into contact with him.

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