Amazing Interview With Artist Angelica Cassidy

1. Where are we talking from today?

A. Los Angeles, Ca.

2. Where did you get your artist name from?

A. It’s my married name.

3. Music wise what are you working on right now? Are you currently promoting a single or album?

A. I just released my first full length, country-pop album, titled “Rollercoaster”. It’s available for streaming and downloading on my new website,

4. Who or what were the most significant influences on your musical life and career?

A. My father, Bob Chitwood. He’s a musician(guitar/vocals/songwriting), and he made me fall in love with music at a very young age. We still write and perform together, to this day. He is featured on two songs of my new album playing guitar(“I Won’t Go Back” & “Tonight”), and he also co-wrote those two songs with me, both actually being his original ideas that were tweaked to fit my current album. He’s always been my biggest fan and biggest pillar of support. I would be nowhere without him.

5. Who are your favorite musicians?

A. This is always a very hard question for me, cause there are WAY too many answers. I pull my vocal inspiration from big diva singers like Celine Dion,  Christina Aguilera, and Carrie Underwood. Then I pull a lot of my writing inspiration from writers and teams like John Mayer, Blake Shelton, and Taylor Swift. But these days, I’m listening to mostly current country music and absorbing as much as I can of that genre. I love Florida Georgia Line and a lot of new country artists, But my heart lies with the classic country artists like Alan Jackson and Alison Krauss. But on a typical day, I listen to mostly classical music and meditation music, mostly. So there’s my really vague, yet detailed answer to your question LOL.

6. What have been the greatest challenges/frustrations of your career so far?

A. The greatest challenge so far has been honestly, just continuing to TRY. I’ve been a professional actress for 25 years. And I’ve been a recording artist for 15 years. After decades of struggling, waitressing to pay bills, and never knowing if anything will ever come if it, it becomes extremely stressful. I never gave myself a plan B. I’ve only made several extensions to Plan A. I always thought people with Plan B’s, don’t truly believe that Plan A can work. I always thought that if I didn’t truly believe it, and didn’t truly stand behind it without any wavering, well then who else would? So I never gave myself the opportunity to question it or have a fallback. I’ve given up all other walks of life to pursue this one. I’ve made several huge sacrifices, and I continue to every day. And I’m happy with that decision. Because at least I can say I did everything I could. No regrets.

7. As a musician, what is your definition of success?

A. People loving your music and wanting to hear YOU perform it is my definition of success. Monetary success and musical success are not the same things.

8. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A. Doing what I love, with the people I love, spreading love to other lovers ❤️ that are perfect happiness.

9. What is your present state of mind?

A. Determined. Eyes on the prize. Focused. Ready for anything.

10. What is your most treasured possession?

A. Are cats possessions? 😂😂 They mean more to me than any inanimate object.

11. What do you enjoy doing most?

A. Performing and practicing my crafts, whether it’s acting, singing, or writing. I also love being a homebody with my hubby. We’re a couple of Netflix and Chill types. Binge watching is our fave.

12. Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?

A. Touring, filming numerous seasons of my TV show, recording numerous albums, etc.

13. Where you @ online?

A. Please visit my official website to hear my new album “Rollercoaster” and view the music video. Also, my social media links, acting reels, headshots, biography, upcoming show info, and a mailing list sign up are all there, as well:

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