Artist Crunch Talks About The Manny Pacquiao Versus Keith Thurman Fight

The Manny Pacquiao versus Keith Thurman fight on July 20th at the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada was built as the old man versus the young man.

Keith Thurman vowed that he would knock Pacman out and retire him, but the 40-year-old Pacquiao prepared himself for a different outcome.

Manny’s speed and punches in bunches proved to be too much for the 29-year-old Thurman. Though Thurman gave a valiant effort it was not enough. Losing on a 12 round split decision. Two of the three judges scored the bout in favor of Pacman.

When this fight was first announced my opinion was and is that even at age 40 Manny Pacquiao’s speed is still too much for any age fighter. The face of Keith Thurman bruised and battered proved that point.

Crunch is a LA based hip hop/rap artist who blogs weekly for EPR Music Blog and for his own blog

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