Artist Joe The Bluesman Says “Call Your Mother!”

Well here we are, I’ve been asked to post weekly blogs by my PR man! Yep everyone, even retired people have a boss! But I invite this compelled creativity as maybe a way out of my writer’s block I’ve been experiencing lately. So, this is a good thing.

Currently, I just had my 65th birthday, dang I am old! No, I certainly do not feel old, but glad this is the birthday that opens the door for medical insurance that cannot be taken away by anyone. There is a peace of mind with knowing this. But birthdays, at least when you get long in the tooth are a time of reflection. And as an artist, I think it is true with artists, my memory is vivid. I have a lot of childhood memories, I remember lots of good moments, bad moments and moments I do not know why images stay with me.

In some way, every one of these memories is woven into the songs I write. An interesting thing you wouldn’t know about me, I was born on my mother’s 20th birthday! So we shared the same birthday for the first 59 years of my life. This was my 5th birthday without her being with me, I was missing her more than usual, it is HER birthday…so when I was taken to lunch to celebrate I ordered a glass of white wine with ice, the way mom liked her wine. So, that way Mom shared lunch with us this year. Little silly gesture felt good and brought her back a little bit for a little while. Miss you mom…

So call your mother and tell her you love her, NOW…. time is unforgiving…Hey, that sounds like a song subject.

Joe The Bluesman is a traveling blues artist who writes occasional post for the EPR Music Blog. Check out Joe’s full blog and site at –

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