Artist Joe The Bluesman Blogs About Practice Makes Perfect

Here we are again, time to send out a bit of my thoughts…

What am I thinking about? Mostly getting ready for my first gig in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The land of my wife’s family and the land of Hatch chilies, truly the best food in the world. But not really thinking about that, thinking about how I’ll need to discipline myself in regards to practicing!

Practice? We talking about practice, Yes Alan, I’m talking about practice!

As you know I have a new single coming out in a few days. The prep work to produce recording is never seen, but at least for me, before I go into the money draining studio, I know the song inside and out. But that means I’m working those songs at the cost of all the others in my set. Like Nigel Rogers said in a tweet, “I don’t practice for a day, I know it. I don’t practice for 2 days YOU know it!” True words.

That is why I am practicing, I even forget the intricate fingering and or the words of even my own songs!
Now I work through the set, every day. I am excited that my new show has a large segment of all acoustic, just me and the guitar.

So, I need to figure out how to keep a better practice schedule, keeping up with the new and the older songs…it is all about personal discipline….

Joe The Bluesman is a traveling blues artist who writes occasional post for the EPR Music Blog. Check out Joe’s full blog and site at –

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