20 years of Bubblegum


A grotesque monstrosity like Donald Trump doesn’t become president without a concerted effort to dumb down the American public.  The music industry deserves much of the blame.

Gen X voted in droves in 1992 helping to elect Clinton & a Democratic majority. And that was last time until now that there was a major youth vote. After that, the corporations got busy to make sure something like that never happened again & it worked. The young became indifferent low info non-voters & the Republicans took over. Ever wonder why there no Bob Dylans, no Bob Marleys, no Clash, no Public Enemies, no American Idiot in the Trump era? Instead, the music industry keeps foisting the same old bubblegum because that is what the corporations have used to manipulate Americans into complacency. It’s the agenda the corporations have been working on for years. That’s why rock is dead. They killed it, or at least, are suppressing it. The empty suits inherited a high volume high margin goldmine & reduced it to a low volume low margin basket case & we’re supposed to respect the opinion of these corporate hacks when they say that they are merely giving the public what they want. Record sales dispute that. Gold has become the new quadruple platinum, MTV is no longer a music video channel & Rolling Stone magazine has scrapped its album charts. Corporations took control of the music industry to deliberately make it irrelevant. Anyone looking for a conspiracy to investigate, here you go. It was probably planned by CEO’s over a game of golf.  Len Blavatnik, owner of the Warner Music Group, donated 1 million dollars to Trump’s amateur hour inauguration gala, 3 million to Bitch McConnell, plus sizable
contributions to other right-wing pols. Explains everything.

Will the music industry finally break free from its curse, or shall it continue its descent toward irrelevance & squander what little influence it has left?



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