What A Great Interview With Artist Jessica Meuse (from the vault)

1. Where are we talking from today?

A. Slapout, Alabama!

2. Where did you get your artist’s name from?

A. I just use my name for my stage name.  “Meuse” has a pretty cool ring to it!

3. Music-wise what are you working on right now? Are you currently promoting a single or album?

A. I released my debut album, “Halfhearted” in fall 2018, so I’ve been promoting that at lots of festivals as well as venue shows in addition to visiting lots of radio stations across the country.

4. Who or what were the most significant influences on your musical life and career?

A. In my musical life and career, I have to say that 90s country, in general, played a massive role in my sound and finding my own voice.  I grew up listening to a lot of powerhouse singers like Martina McBride, Wynonna, Reba, and Faith Hill.  Those strong women always appealed to me not only because of their voices but because they’re unforgettable and their voices are staples for the genre.  I also am heavily influenced by old school rock and roll — anything from Fleetwood Mac to the Stones to Dick Dale and the Hollies.  My lyrical style is more rock-influenced, while my overall sound and vocals are undoubtedly country!

5. Who are your favorite musicians?

A. Hands down, Shinedown is my favorite band.  Every member is immensely talented and multi-talented at that, and Brent Smith has amazing vocals and never disappoints.  It doesn’t hurt that they are who they portray themselves to be either.  Some other musicians I love for their music, as well as personalities, are Wynonna — she puts on a hell of a show and is SUCH a kind person.  When somebody takes the time to just talk to a fan and/or fellow musician on the path they themselves were on at one point, it truly means the world.  As far as musicians I just appreciate and haven’t necessarily met in person, I love the way Synyster Gates shreds guitar, Van Halen, Janis Joplin, Lindsey Buckingham, and of course the one and only Stevie Nicks.  As far as modern music, I really dig Imagine Dragons’ writing style and Taylor Swift’s business savvy and writing.

6. What have been the greatest challenges/frustrations of your career so far?

A. The hardest part about what I do, I think, is that a lot of people don’t totally take musicians/singers seriously.  I’ve been told to “get a real job” or that I should get said “real job” before I’m too old to do so….  Another major issue that has recently been addressed in the last couple of years is harassment toward women in entertainment and in general.  I’ve had guys say suggestive things or ask me to wear a skirt, etc.  That kind of stuff just gets old real fast.

7. As a musician, what is your definition of success?

A. My definition of success is simply making a living doing what I love.  If I could just tour and write and perform and meet my fans along the way while seeing the world and focus on creating, that’s success and happiness to me.

8. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A. Success and enjoying the path that takes me there.  Happiness and success are fairly synonymous to me.  I just want to be healthy, my family to be happy and healthy, and to do what I love and create.

9. What is your present state of mind?

A. HUSTLE.  I’m a firm believer in hard work and going hard all the time, but also maintaining a balance between that and the reality that at some point I have to recharge.  I’m still figuring that out, but I’m enjoying the ride as I figure out myself, my career, and where I’m headed!  It’s all about the journey!

10. What is your most treasured possession?

A. The first thing that comes to mind for me is the picture of my family on the mantle back at home.  I was probably four years old or so, and my brother was either 2 or 3, and my mom and dad are holding us in their laps and we’re all decked out for Christmas portraits.  It’s so cheesy, but it reminds me of being a little kid when Mom and Dad are superheroes who can do no wrong, and life is so simple because, back then, phones and complex computers didn’t even exist!  We just had each other, and that was enough!  Family is pretty important to me, and that just happens to be my favorite picture ever of all of us.  It’s definitely irreplaceable.

11. What do you enjoy doing most?

A. I honestly just love making music — the entire process of contemplating an idea for a song, finding the hook and writing the tune, playing guitar, and singing the melody line and then taking it to the stage.  I love creating art of any kind and being able to share it with my fans.

12. Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?

A. In ten years, I would ideally like to be on the road and touring around the entire world at that point.  I’ll undoubtedly have another few albums out, so I’ll have a ton of material to perform by then and I hope to be advancing upward in my musical career — maybe even doing some more stuff on TV!

13. Where you @ online?

Twitter and Instagram are both @JessMeuse, Facebook is facebook.com/idoljessicameuse, and you can find me on youtube.com/musikchik as well as snapchat — Jessinat0r.  My main website is www.jessicameuse.com, and you can find all of my social media sites from there too!

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