@entirelypr Q&A With Artist Mason Casey

What is your artist’s name?

My artist name is my given name, Mason Casey

What are you currently working on music-wise right now?

I am currently working on writing new songs and have great new songs to record as soon as possible.

Who are some of your most significant influences in music?

The most significant influences in my music: Electric Blues music and James Cotton, Electric Harmonica Blues player are my number 1 influences. Also importantly, Soul singer legend  Wilson Pickett who I recorded with, encouraged me Greatly as a singer and Harmonica player. Wilson Pickett called me his “Singin’ buddy”A Great honor to say the least.

Who are your favorite musicians?

My favorite musicians are: James Cotton, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Alan Wilson of Canned Heat, Muddy Waters. Little Walter, Stevie Wonder, Thievery Corporation.

Music-wise what has been some of the greatest challenges and frustrations for you?

My greatest challenges and frustrations: Getting a new release out into today’s music world. I have 4 releases on 2 record labels, they paid Me $$$ and covered all recording and promotion costs. Now I must record a release that is mixed and radio-ready before I will be even considered for a label. The cost of recording and paying my musicians is daunting and extremely frustrating.

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