Interview With Orchid Tattoo

1. Where are we talking from today? A.  I’m based in NY, NY. 2. What would you like to accomplish in 2019?  A. I’m hoping to create songs that I’m proud of releasing into the world.   3. What is your take on politics?  A. I’m independent, I don’t involve myself in politics.  4. Where did you […]

Nona Brown “Songs from My Journal, Vol.1” Album Review

Nona Brown’s new album “Songs from My Journal, Vol.1” puts a lot of soul into gospel music. The album consists of just six songs but leaves you on a content note. From the opening track, “Sweeter” to the albums close with “My Thanks,” the album wastes no time driving a message of love, faith, and […]

South Florida Hip Hop Duo Lace Up New Single

Broward County, FL Natives Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel layout their convictions and their souls through their music. You can hear it in the way the pop, and hip hop, group mesh together glamour rap lyrics with introspective pop hooks. You can feel it through the carefully curated beats that take you on a bi-polar […]

Brian Charles Tischleder “Moma Told Me So” Album Review

In the age of “Lil Pump” and the millions of copy cat artists, Brian Charles Tishchleder and his new album “Moma Told Me So,” will restore your faith in music. The album is a masterful blend of rock, country, blues, and pop weaved around Brain’s smokey blues voice. Two tracks in particular shine on the […]

Nona Brown is Releasing Music With a Message of Hope

Nona Brown is answering God’s call by releasing music with a message of hope. Her new album “Songs from my Journal, Volume 1” was released on November 5th, 2019 and encourages her listeners to find a little more faith and love. The first single, “We Are Healed” was met with praise from fellow believers and […]

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