Brian Charles Tischleder “Moma Told Me So” Album Review

In the age of “Lil Pump” and the millions of copy cat artists, Brian Charles Tishchleder and his new album “Moma Told Me So,” will restore your faith in music. The album is a masterful blend of rock, country, blues, and pop weaved around Brain’s smokey blues voice.

Two tracks in particular shine on the record and appropriately that is the opening song “Moma Told Me So,” and the final song “Lost Highway.” Not to take away from the other tracks that are just as noteworthy such as “Memphis,” but from this blogger’s point of view, it is the opening and the finish that steal the show. “Moma Told Me So” is an upbeat rock, blues type track that is somewhere in between “The Black Crowes,” and “Rob Thomas.” “Lost Highway” is a two-piece song that takes you from rock and blues to an acoustic country type melody to end the record on a light but seemingly sobering note.

Overall I would say this is one of the best records I have heard from an independent artist in years. Brian Charles Tischleder is a phenomenal artist and his latest record will prove just that.

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