Social Media Lesson 2

Social Media Pyramid
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Group 1. Direct Engagement
Frequency 3-4 of every 10 posts
Make sure you’re in a two way conversation with people consistently.
 Facebook: See something interesting on a fan, friend or band’s page Facebook pages? Don’t just “like it” write a true comment about it and get more involved.
 Twitter: Send messages to people or mention you are with them by using the @sign and their username. Retweet (RT) Tweets you like by others.
 Blog Reading: read and share great post on your socials and leave comments!
 Tumblr: Tumblr is a simple to use blogging platform that will allow you to comment on and re-blog others’ links, quotes, videos and songs with a click of a button.
 YouTube:  Make custom video comments or greetings with a smartphone; post them as comments or contributions.
 Instagram: Like and comment on others’ photos!
Group 2. Shine A Light On Others
Frequency 3 out of every 10 post
All the best social media users know this and use it well. This takes all of the attention off of you and puts it onto others, and people will appreciate you kindness because you are recognizing them in front of new potential fans and followers and therefore helping them to get known.
 Facebook: Quote people you like by sharing their profiles and videos on Facebook and share (re-post) on your page. Also link to articles and interesting things that catch your attention.
 Twitter: Use hashtags, @’s and RT on Twitter – talk about why and how particular tweets influenced or touched you.
Group 3. Curate Content
Frequency 2 -3 out of every 10 posts
Content may be king but curation is queen!
 You can set up a RSS reader to pull interesting content for you, just select what you like and share it. And if it’s interesting to you it’s probably interesting to your community.
 Music: Use Rdio, Spotify or Soundcloud to share songs, albums and playlist.
 Recipes: Post links to food you like from Pinterest, Epicurious or The Food Network.
 Media: Post book reviews, music reviews or film reviews.
 Blogs: News, politics, celebrity gossip, parenting, fashion, art sports – all make good topics for people to connect around.
Group 4: A Picture Says a 1,000 Words
Frequency 2 of every 10 posts
Instagram: take photos often and tag.
 Twitter: Mix up your tweets with photos and videos – they go straight into your feed and they get stored on your homepage.
 Pinterest: It’s a wonderful way to share photos of anything you are passionate about and create boards for your own connect and anything you sell.
 YouTube: Post videos on your YouTube channel embed them and your post across socials too! Post your videos and other peoples videos that make you laugh or subjects that are thematic to your niche.
Group 5: Shining A Light On Yourself (AKA Self Promotion)
Frequency 1 out of every 10 posts
It is after all vital to tell people if you have anything that’s newsworthy, noteworthy and important for your fans and followers to know about.
Don’t forget to use specific call to action techniques are these won’t be that fruitful. We will learn more about call to action techniques in lesson 3.

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