Artists On The Rise Rex Mundi The Great New Single “Illusions”
Artists On The Rise Carl Does Music

Carl Does Music

Neron Delta – Vai Emborađź’” Alejate De Mi
Bandcamp Donates Its Music Shares to NAACP

Bandcamp will donate its music profits to the NAACP in support of Black Lives Matter and Juneteenth. According to NPR, Bandcamp usually collects 15 percent of digital music sales and 10 percent of the sales from physical products.

Congratulations To Artist Brandon James For His Feature In Static Drive

Brandon James is an R&B and soul artist from Chicago, IL. James began making music in Junior High school as an escape from a difficult life at home as a latchkey kid. His mother worked long hours and his father battled with alcoholism. Music became both a creative outlet and a means for the shy […]

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