Interview With J Musical Romance

Where are we talking from today?

We are talking from Los Angeles, CA.

What would you like to accomplish in 2020?

I would like to push my music and show the world.

What is your take on politics?

I try not to get involved when it comes to politics. As long as people are treated equally and respectfully.

Where did you get your artist’s name from?

I got my artist name from being a loving individual and expressing love with music.

Growing up, how important has music been in your life? Can you recall the moment when you decided that you wanted to be a musician? Was it an easy or difficult choice to make?

Music has been very important to me I have been in music since 12 and I try and try till today to pursue my dream no matter what comes my way. it was a hard choice Bc it takes a lot of extra steps in life to keep up with music.

Was there ever a time when you thought about doing something else? If you weren’t a musician today, what could you see yourself doing?

There was a time in my life where I felt like this isn’t going nowhere I was around the wrong people no appreciation of talent only personal gains but it didn’t stop me from trying more.

What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music your career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?

The biggest surprise was when I recorded my first track and heard my self and the people around me and how much they enjoyed my voice. It was awesome the welcome challenge was I wanted to be better so I worked with my vocal coach Maxayn Lewis from to improve everything.

What was it like putting together your EP?

Putting the ep together was awesome I had a good team behind me we made it happen.

Who are some of your favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music? Who would you still love to work with in the future?

My favorite artists are James Brown, Otis Redding, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Gnarls Barkley and I would love a chance to collaborate one day.

What has it been like keeping up with your social media accounts and all of the different platforms? Is it hard to stay up to date on it all? What would you say is your favorite way to connect with your fans now?

Social media has been an awesome way to connect with fans and expose my music so slowly working on it. It can be hard at times keeping up but nothing is impossible.

If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island, what musical item would you take with you and why?

I would take a piano under the tree and write and sing even if I starve or dehydrate Bc that’s what I love.

If your music was going to be featured on any TV show that is currently on right now, which would you love it to be on? Or if you prefer, what is a movie that you love that you wish your music was featured in?

I’m open to television or premieres I think it’s a good idea to have a widespread of premieres with your music in different markets.

At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music? Love, emotion, fun,

When you are not making music what else do you enjoy doing? I enjoy fishing, riding in my off-road vehicles.

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