Artists On The Rise JKeys

Where are we talking from today?  

Flowery Branch, Georgia

Where did you get your artist’s name from? 

JKeys comes from Jonathan (first name) and Keys (playing the keyboard).

Music-wise what are you working on right now? Are you currently promoting a single or album? 

Working on music and promoting some on IG.

What have been the greatest challenges/frustrations of your career so far? Challenges,

I’ve played in 3 different kinds of bands. Anything from Classic Rock, Cover Bands to Christian Contemporary Music. I even had the honor of producing all the music for a short film in Atlanta, GA. The frustrations would be, being told no numerous times or it’s not what we are looking for or that’s great but we need more. 

Where you @ online? 

Instagram for now, slowly working on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Spinnup. 

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