Artist Reesy Wright Reemerges More Mature & Unapologetic

Neo-soul artist Reesy Wright reemerges on the music scene with the release of her latest album “Transparency.” The album was released to all major streaming platforms on August 21st, 2020. “Transparency.” is a candid series of songs that encourage herself and her fans to love unapologetically. Emphasizing her message about love and relationships, Reesy states, […]

Interview with DJ Flowmotion

Where did you get your artist’s name from? My real name is Florian and back when I started getting into DJing I wanted an artist name that is similar to my first name and has something to do with music. As a DJ I tend to move and dance a lot behind the DJ desk, […]

Interview With Katy Stone

Where are we talking from today? Holiday, Florida, about 45 minutes North of Clearwater on the Gulfcoast side. What would you like to accomplish in 2020? To purchase a house and put a music and recording studio in it. Also, to keep pushing our music while recording more songs. I enjoy seeing where this process […]

Justin Bieber Born With Reptilian Background

The current social media age is pouring fuel on the fire. Because anyone is posting theories online and getting an audience. However, Hollywood conspiracy theories have also been around for decades. Sleuths and fans alike are prone to combining old interviews of celebs, and analyzing photographs to come up with some far-fetched storylines about the […]

Artist On The Rise Fam Band Interview

Where are we talking from today? Fam Band “rings” out of the Nasty Nati, or as some call it, Cincinnati, which is in the southwest corner of Ohio. BGutt and I were both born in the Nati and went to middle and high school together. Lifetook us to many cities but we both ended up […]

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