Interview With JordanL

Where are we talking from today?

I am currently in LA, enjoying the weather and staying COVID Free lol.

Where did you get your artist’s name from?

I got my artist name from my moms when I would get in trouble she’d shorten my government name which is Jordaniel and call me JordanL. So I took it and ran with it like that was the sound of trouble for me when I heard it. Now, Its the sound of trouble for other artists in the game.

Music-wise what are you working on right now?

Currently, I am working with and creating as a member of the Folk. Collective Music Group Based in LA. I just recently worked with a crazy dope artist from my hometown named Icewear Vezzo on one of my favorite tracks on my debut album. The album is titled The Great Progression. The song is titled Legendary.

Are you currently promoting a single or album?

Yes, I am promoting my album “The Great Progression” which is available on all streaming and downloading platforms right now.

Who or what were the most significant influences on your musical life and career?

My most significant influences are my uncle Tremaine “Trey Styles” Riley because he helped me mold my sound for years and always encouraged me to be better with this music. Also, my high school band director Mr. Thomas. He was like a father to me during my high school years and he kept me off the streets and in the band. I played the trumpet. He helped me get a full-ride scholarship to The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff from playing in the band.

Who are your favorite musicians?

Man… I miss the old Kanye lol. But for real me, the old Ye, J. Cole, and Deante Hitchcock.

As a musician, what is your definition of success?

To be able to live comfortably and provide for my family for generations from the money I’ve generated through my musical talents.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Perfect happiness is my family never wanting for anything, 3 Grammys in one night, and a trip to Carl’s Jr. for their beyond burger. lol

What is your present state of mind?

Currently, I’m enjoying the warm reviews from my supporters about the debut album that just dropped (The Great Progression make sure y’all cop that) lol and thinking don’t get comfortable there’s a lot of work to do.

What is your most treasured possession?

My mind for sure. I got some ideas up here that might not be able to work fully until 2025 you feel me? So much positivity comes from what I think of myself and how I look at the world with so much opportunity. So much creativity. My mind does all that for me.

What do you enjoy doing most?

Writing music; I love it. Writing for myself. Writing for others. learning about writing from other writers all of that. I love it.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

In 10 years I’m going to be wealthy from the hard work and dedication I put into my music. The fam super straight while the wifey and I are contemplating if we wanna have another kid or not.

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