The Truth About Justin Bieber Is He Reptilian (from the blog vault)

The current social media age is pouring fuel on the fire. Because anyone is posting theories online and getting an audience.

However, Hollywood conspiracy theories have also been around for decades. Sleuths and fans alike are prone to combining old interviews of celebs, and analyzing photographs to come up with some far-fetched storylines about the celebs they like. However, even the famous theories don’t need to have a single truth element to them, because, at times, it is just a possibility factor alone that keeps making a theory worth repeating.

Well, with this in mind, here we have one of the wackiest celeb theories here about Justin Bieber’s Reptilian roots i.e. Justin Bieber is an Alien Lizard and has shifted shape in public at the airport. 

Justin Bieber is one of the scaly skinned beasts

In the same way, the dead celebs are healthily purchasing fuses somewhere, it supposed that pretty much every person is either an Illuminati member or have reptilian roots. Including the famous Justin Bieber, baby-faced bad boy, as he blinked in a YouTube video oddly in a way only a lizard can, as per commentators. So, fans and sleuths added him in the category of scaly skinned beasts who are here to subjugate the human race.

Fans claimed to witness Justin Bieber’s shape-shifting at an Australian airport in 2017

Not only one of the lizard people but a shape-shifting lizard. This all was started when Perth Now published and then deleted an article with a catchy headline that plenty of fans claimed that they saw Justin Bieber turning into a giant reptile along with another source that jumped on this bandwagon by publishing quotes from the eyewitnesses of that matter.

It was being said that Justin Bieber shifted his shape carelessly at an Australian airport in the year 2017. Eyewitnesses said that they saw Justin Bieber transforming into a lizard. However, bodyguards of Canadian pop stars threatened spectators by violence if they tried to use their phones to capture pictures. However, later this news turned out to be fake.

Basically, the renaissance of this conspiracy theory is all down to an allegedly published article under the headline about the fairly alarming transformation of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber at an Australian airport. However, lack of evidence is making it a celeb conspiracy theory not to spend an evening upon.

Such Theories are in demand:

There exist multiple things that are being loved collectively by the internet; Twitter jokes, memes, as well as conspiracy theories of celebrities. However, the question here is why people are so ready to believe these outlandish conspiracy theories? During the present social media age, it seems like conspiracy theories are gathering strength. 

The death of a politician or a celebrity is almost a guarantee to raise a new alternative theory. Justin Bieber’s conspiracy theory of being cold blooded is another storyline attracting people worldwide.

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