You Work for Google & You Work for Free

Google Uses reCAPTCHA to Train Its Artificial Intelligence for Driverless Cars Blog Entry 11/17/20 Thievery is always done under the guise of security. Multi-national companies like Google have swelled their yearly profits to over $100 billion. The four Big Tech companies Facebook, Apple, Alphabet aka Google, and Amazon combined annual revenue for 2019 was around […]

Artists on the Rise Rz Shahid
Artists on the Rise Kipp Stone
Q&A With Artists TEEJ

Where are we talking from today? Queens, New York. What would you like to accomplish in 2020? It’s been my goal to release more music and continue performing my band the SidePocket. What is your take on politics? Progressive/Liberal. Where did you get your artist’s name from? My name’s TJ so Teej became the abbreviated […]

Artists on the Rise LAN MARKEITH

Artists on the Rise Snotty Noz Rez Kids
Artists on the Rise Maddie Medley

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Amplified Election Armageddon Asteroid Scare The US This Halloween

Blog Entry 10/31/2020 Election night is at hand and the world itself turned upside down. Lil Wayne is endorsing Donald Trump, an asteroid will hit the day before the election. Spotify is being unionized against and the pandemic rears up for round two. Election night is days away and the world is watching the US […]

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