You Work for Google & You Work for Free

Google Uses reCAPTCHA to Train Its Artificial Intelligence for Driverless Cars

Blog Entry 11/17/20

Thievery is always done under the guise of security. Multi-national companies like Google have swelled their yearly profits to over $100 billion. The four Big Tech companies Facebook, Apple, Alphabet aka Google, and Amazon combined annual revenue for 2019 was around $773 billion. That revenue stream rivals the gross domestic product (GDP) of Saudi Arabia. These companies are becoming more powerful than countries wielding more wealth and influence:

Facebook: $70.7 billion, in the same ballpark as Venezuela’s GDP.
Alphabet: $161.9 billion, a bit north of Ukraine’s GDP.
Apple: $260.2 billion, close to Vietnam’s GDP.
Amazon: $280.5 billion, around Pakistan’s GDP.

Companies like Google answer to very few and are growing their GDP like profits by working people for free. If you have ever solved a CAPTCHA to prove you are not a robot then you have worked for free. Those annoying little blurry lines and color background puzzles helped Google digitize its entire book archive. Google digitized its entire book archive and every New York Times newspaper printed since 1851. It did this without paying a single cent to anyone.

reCAPTCHA is one of Google’s current ways of working you for free. To prove you are not a robot you have to tag street signs, traffic signals, and vehicles. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “why is it only images of things you see while driving?” You have probably never asked yourself this but once it comes to mind the plot and scheme are obvious. Google is using reCAPTCHA to train its artificial intelligence (AI) for driverless cars. Every reCAPTCHA solved by a human puts its goal of training AI more in reach and without spending a penny. Google confirmed reCaptcha’s role in training AI for driverless cars on its developer blog at the time in 2012.

CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA are perfect examples of how a company can use the guise of security for profitability. Sadly they can use the guise of security for far worse things but I won’t get into that (look up information collection and the Five Eyes Program). Just take comfort in the fact that you’re being watched, and having your information harvested by governments and companies as powerful as countries. All the while these companies are rising to power with limitless profits while working you for free. What you don’t know can’t hurt you but it sure can make the rich richer.


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