What Do the Kardashian’s Actually Do? The Rise of Influencers

The Kardashian family is a clear example that influencers can make millions upon millions of dollars just by sharing their lives with people from all over the world. This family in particular created a massive media empire simply via sharing their lives in a reality show. Which is why it comes as a bit confusing for some people, as it can be difficult to understand just why people would become so obsessed with a family and their lives.

Glamorous lives

Maybe the most appealing thing for those that watch the Kardashians up close is their lifestyle and glamorous lives. Many people on Instagram show they have a glamorous lifestyle, but that’s fake. For the Kardashians, that’s actually their lives. Regular people always dream of having lots of money and living their best lives. The Kardashians basically lived their dreams, so it was quite appealing and entertaining to step into the life of such a person. 

Day to day struggles

Another thing that made the reality show very appealing was the fact that each one of the Kardashian family members had their own drama and issues. People love to connect with drama, and they also found the Kardashians to be very relatable. When you think that, it’s a lot easier to connect and understand the person, which eventually leads to watching them closely again and again. At the end of the day, you really feel that they are a part of your life and that alone is why the Kardashians managed to acquire such an influence in the online world.

Lots of great shows and events

Through the Kardashian show we also got to meet a lot of people from Hollywood, celebrities, while also being able to attend some exclusive event. This show really showed the behind the scenes for various locales and places, while also bringing us a glimpse of what Californian and Hollywood life in particular is all about. Sure, we get to see only the glamor and great things, but that’s what most people want from a show like this.

Following an extraordinary media empire

There was a lot of drama between the sisters, not to mention plenty of episodes filled with challenges for the family. But they managed to pull through, and it was also entertaining to watch. Plus, we also got to see how the Kardashian family got to expand their empire and how they pushed the boundaries more and more.

The Kardashian family has a great understanding of media, what people want to see, and they continue to harness cyber psychology to harness the power of a constantly-changing media landscape. This offered plenty of benefits, and in the end it managed to just take the process to new heights. It’s amazing to see just how many followers the Kardashian family has on social media, and it’s a true sign of what people value at this time. It’s amazing to see how much the family managed to grow thanks to their social exposure, and this continues to impress everyone in any industry!

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