The Key to the 5th Dimension

Written By: Vulpicula

Before I get to the point I need to lay the groundwork, without which the following assertions will make very little sense. That being said, please bear with me while I get a little bit technical before I get to the good stuff. In short, the purpose of this post is to logically prove the existence of ‘magic’. If you think that sounds crazy, this argument is designed specifically to convince you, and I challenge you to stick around and give it an honest chance. This may all sound like make-believe, hoo-doo or maybe even just over-complicated at first, but just be patient and allow me to get to the part where I explain why it’s not…

There are three dimensions of space, which represent all physical matter. Everything in the universe that’s made of stuff, can be measured using these three axes. The three physical axes are modeled as rays starting from a single central point, each rotated 90º on the other two angles relative to their starting positions. If you do this three times you will be back where you started.

A mathematical ‘ray’ is a line that has a starting point, that can be considered a specific location in space, but which shoots off forever in the direction it is facing, without any end point. The beginning point of each of the axes in 3-d space is the location in which they cross. Thus the number 90-90-90, describes the angular degrees of the crossing axes. Gematria would reduce this number down to 999, which represents infinity, as well as the creative force, that emits ‘rays’ in all directions like the sun.

Light is also a ray, which has a starting point and shoots off forever in the direction it is facing. Apparently scientists have discovered that colliding photons may result in physical matter, which would mean that rays of light could be the generative force in the universe. The ‘light’ of ‘god’ is thus, scientifically, symbolically, and mathematically, the ‘source’ of ‘creation’.

If ‘God’ symbolically represents the sum total of all things, the number 999 would be like the right hand of god, or the creative force. The left hand is the destructive force, which we call time, otherwise known as the 4th dimension. Entropy is the concept that time inevitably causes deterioration of physical systems. If you flip 999 upside-down you get 666 or the destructive left had of god, which is creation in reverse. As you travel along one of the three angles of measurement time adds a set duration, scale, and density to the creative force of the first three dimensions. Thus time and space are inextricably linked and are called, as a unit, spacetime: the first four dimensions as a unified force.

The first three dimensions plotted out in 3-d space appear as the corner of a cube. When we introduce the dimension of time into the three dimensions of space, we can now make the measurement finite, by adding equidistant end-points to each ray. As you travel along the ray at the universal speed limit known as ‘the speed of light’, the duration of time traveled is the length of the line segment. Suddenly the infinite nature of three-dimensional space become finite, and solid. In that way the cube could symbolically represent the four dimensions of spacetime, and would include both the left and right ‘hands’ of ‘god’.

Platonic solids are shapes which are mathematically ‘prime’, so to speak. Of the five platonic solids, the only one that tessellates when plotted in spacetime is the cube. This is symbolically significant with regards to the concept of rebirth and destruction, in that it could be viewed as a repeating pattern that goes on forever, which is why some cults, and cultures believe that physical reality is something of a prison. The symbolic meaning of the cube in the platonic school, relates to the element of earth, which is the only solid element. Note, also, that it is the only platonic solid that contains a 90º angle.

Most modern people who hear these things, think they are a bit of a stretch, or even just ‘magical’ thinking. After-all, this is all just symbolic, and symbols are not real. Right?

Well – that isn’t exactly true. A symbol is a thought. A thought is something that cannot be plotted out using only the first four dimensions of measurement. If you opened up my skull, you would only see meat and biochemical reactions. You can see the brain, but you cannot see the mind unless you manage to interpret the signals passing through my neurons. Even then, if you looked at an individual neuron firing, you would have no grasp of the thought itself. The thought is persistent through uncountable numbers of such neural transmissions, and cannot be said to have any specific location in the brain itself. The electricity, and meat can be quantified, and located, but the thought cannot. So where is the thought if it doesn’t actually exist in physical reality? It definately exists, so must exist ‘somewhere’.

A thought or symbol is a non-physical thing, that has an effect on reality just as surely as time. If we want to have a true theory of everything, which is capable of plotting out all of reality, we must take into account the ‘place’ where thoughts and dreams reside as separate dimension of reality: The 5th dimension.

Every thinking creature has a physical organ in their brain containing its own photo-receptors, called the pineal gland, that allows us to detect this dimension. What are photo-receptors doing in the center of your skull where no light reaches? When you close your eyes and ‘use your imagination’, you seem to ‘see’ the non-physical in your mind. Is it a coincidence that the ‘third eye’, placed in the same location as the pineal gland is considered to be the eye that allows you to see the non-physical realm of the ‘spirit’?

Nature takes the ‘spirit’ realm seriously enough to have created an organ that allows you to detect it. When you have an idea, you are pulling symbolic meaning embedded in the physical laws of reality into your mind from the unseen realm of pure possibility. You can physically make the idea reality with a drawing or invention, for example, so the thought itself in no way can be taken as inconsequential with regards to physical reality. Symbols are definitely ‘real’, they are just not physical.

The double-slit experiment, and mathematics indicate that, at a sub-atomic scale, physical reality is actually a wave of probability, which only seems to condense down into a single solid reality when observed by a thinking mind (So if a tree falls and the woods an nobody is around to hear it, both the tree falling and the noise itself can only be said to ‘exist’ as a wave of possibility until observed.) Other ‘dimensions’ of reality where you made different choices, exist within the probability matrix, and can be ‘observed’ in your mind using your ‘third eye’, but they can also be demonstrated mathematically. Thus these ‘dimensions’ can only to be said to ‘exist’ in the ‘spirit’. Being ‘wise’ means you can see the branches of possibility splayed out before you in your mind’s-eye, so that you can choose which one to make physical. This is the power of a ‘sage’.

When you have a conscious thought, it carries along with it symbols which are not consciously recognized called ‘implicit memory’. For example: an apple as a symbol caries with it the symbols of health, knowledge, the product of labor, Adam and Eve, and Cinderella, each of which carries their own symbolic meanings, and each of which are present in the back of your mind to flavor that particular thought. These symbols became attached to the symbol of an apple through social mechanisms such as entertainment and phrases like “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. If you want to alter a person’s perceptions of the world, you can simply embed symbolic meanings into society that affect the behaviors of the people.

Logos is one of Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion, which attempts to convince using logic rather than appeals to emotion, or appeals to authority – or Pathos and Ethos respectively. Neither Pathos nor Ethos can bring you any closer to ‘Truth’. Only Logos can do that. ‘Jesus’ is known to symbolize logos, so when he says “I am the truth and the light” and “The only way to the father is through me”, he is absolutely correct, symbolically speaking.

Propaganda can be used to augment the perceptions of a target, which in turn, affects their behaviors. It controls and manipulates which thought-forms people ‘choose’ to manifest into reality. You have cast a ‘spell’ upon them using ‘magic words’ which cast a ‘glamour’ upon your ‘third eye’. Pathos and Ethos are used to convince without logic, and bring people to conclusions which do not align with reality, and are thus ‘supernatural’. When you behave in a way which does not make sense you create friction with physical reality, which is why the ‘supernatural’ is so often considered ‘evil’. It always seems to have a destructive result, and always produces rotten fruit. The ‘devil’ is the ‘prince of lies’, and when you behave in a way that doesn’t make sense, you are ‘possessed’ by him, in exactly the same way as person is ‘possessed’ by any other notion.

I would say that it’s a mistake to consider the symbolic meaning behind these words to be nonsense, but it’s more likely to be a ‘spell’. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. ‘Magic’ may not be physical, but it is definitely ‘real’. It definitely exists symbolically, and inevitably trickles down to physical reality through the actions of those affected by it. In other words: if it works, it’s real, even if you can’t see it with your eyeballs. Magic never was sparkles shooting out of the fingertips of a wizard, and if you believe it was you are under the effects of a real ‘spell’ from a real ‘wizard’.

Using this ‘craft’ is the only way to control large populations of people. You can’t force us all to do something that doesn’t benefit us without being hung, but you can convince us that it was our idea. If you wish to maintain that control, people can never become aware of the existence of magic, or it simply wouldn’t work. It really is that simple to fight against, so the argument: “What are we supposed to do about it” is evil magic of the highest order. ‘Knowledge is power’, after all, and if you want to maintain power, you must limit knowledge. The only way to banish ‘evil’ from the world is for people to ‘worship’ Logos. Logos is not god, or reality itself, but the ‘son’ (or sun?), which brings mankind as close to god as we can get with our limited and flawed human minds. I suspect that this is the true meaning of ‘original sin’. Logos is the ‘light’ of ‘god’ and gives you protection from ‘demons’.

For thousands of years now a select number of people have kept this knowledge from the population so they can use it against us, and as a result the ‘devil’ is the “ruler of this world”. ‘Lucifer’ is the ‘bearer’ of ‘light’ or the ‘illumination’ of secret wisdom. He bears it, but he does not share it with the ‘profane’, or regular people.

If you are paying close attention, Logos is suggesting that the ‘hidden hand’, has been an absolutely real force, keeping us enslaved for all of recorded history. I challenge you to refute this without using Pathos or Ethos. There is no reason at all why this would not be possible, and given the fact that even the religions themselves believe this is mystical mumbo-jumbo, with absolutely no understanding of the symbolic meaning, It seems to be the case that we have been lied to. We have had a spell cast upon us to hide the existence of an ‘evil’ cult, who cast yet more spells upon us to convince us to do their work for them.

Now comes the fun part. I will teach you a spell, and you will know for sure that this is real…

Gaslighting is when you argue in a way that tries to make your interlocutor appear crazy. Your arguments both imply that the person is delusional, and at the same time the arguments themselves completely lack Logos, making them actually delusional. When the words are spoken with enough confidence, the gaslighter seems to believe that they become true. Even the victim begins to question reality. This is shockingly common and horribly evil behavior, because it shows a complete lack of concern for the target’s well being. After all, what if this person develops a disorder or even kills themselves? – And you do this in exchange for the minor gain it gives you in feeling (but not actually being) superior, and with very little understanding of what you are doing, or even why you are doing it.

This frustrates the target into losing control of their temper, thus proving that they were crazy the whole time. Each encounter gives the gaslighter even more confidence, and an example of the target acting crazy to keep in their back pocket to use against them next time. The more you use this technique on a particular target the more powerful it becomes.

Do you treat that nerdy kid like he’s a nerd because of his behavior, or is his behavior the
result of being treated like a nerd? If you were treated like you were ‘uncool’ all the time, how easy do
you think it would be to act ‘cool’?

When a man asks a woman “what’s wrong?” and she says “nothing” with a scowl on her face, the man is left to wonder what he might have done. Was the whole thing in my head? Could it have been this or that? This makes the man feel paranoid and silly. He then behaves paranoid and silly since, at that point, it would be difficult not to. Next time he asks her what is wrong he will feel more stupid, so she can treat him more stupid, making him more paranoid and silly, and so on. This goes on until he does something stupid and the girl finally has a reason to shame him. Now she feels like a good person, and thinks he is a bad person, even though the cause of the entire thing was just a little bit of petty dishonesty on her part.

In almost every single case gaslighting is employed against those trying to solve problems. Either you are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or you just want to know why someone is being cruel or mean. The term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ implies that the person is crazy, which is completely senseless, since everyone seems to admit that conspiracy, at least occasionally, does in fact happen. Who benefits from gaslighting ‘Conspiracy Theorists’? Not the gaslighter since, if that particular conspiracy turned out to be true, they are actually fighting to keep themselves fooled while simultaneously making their interlocutor want to punch them in the face or jump off a bridge. This behavior is counterproductive to everyone except our secret masters. That being the case, you should probably ask yourself how we came to treat each-other this way.

In the words of Dave Chappelle “The worst thing you can call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive”. Implying that someone is crazy is even worse, because it is a sneaky way to call someone crazy, without the risk of looking like an A-hole. Observe the following example conversation. I guarantee it will sound familiar because it is a formula repeated over and over throughout society:

Player 1: *The first arguer is considering a concept that is not commonly believed out loud.

Player 2: “You really believe that?” *looking skeptical.

Player 1: “I don’t know if I would say I ‘believe’ it, but this is a convincing argument.”

Player 2: “Well I don’t believe that.” *The second arguer now has a look on their face that clearly says
‘you are a lunatic’.

Player 1: *Starting to get frustrated “Why not?”

Player 2: *The second arguer now gives an unconvincing argument like ‘people just wouldn’t do that’.

Player 1: *Slightly more frustrated. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Player 2: *Now taking a defensive stance. “Look you can’t make me believe what YOU want me to believe. Not everyone is going to agree with you. You think you know everything. Do you just believe everything you read on the internet? All you ever think about is dark stuff. I’m worried about you man. You’re starting to sound like a crazy person.” *Player 2 is clearly implying that they simply don’t want to believe said ‘conspiracy’, whether or not there is a good argument to support it’s existence. This is really silly behavior, so if Player 1 points that fact out it will sound like he is being a jerk.

Player 1: “Fine! March yourself straight to hell for all I care you stupid sheep!” *Player 1 is now screaming and pulling out his hair. He rips his shirt open and begs god to kill him.

~Game Over~
~Player 2 Wins!~

Player 2: “See. Crazy! I can’t hang out with you anymore.” *Player 2 now goes and tells all of player 1’s friends about how crazy he acted. Some of Player 1’s friends may approach him to ‘see if he is ok.’ having already been primed on the idea that he is crazy. The condescending nature of a statement like ‘Everybody is worried about you’ sends a jolt through Player 1’s already frazzled nerves, and he tells them they can all go fly a kite. Player 1 has no idea what he has done wrong, and this will probably happen over and over again.

Conveniently for anyone wanting to commit a conspiracy, talking about conspiracy might lead to your own suicide. This equates to psychological assassination, and it’s built into our social structure in support of various institutions. It’s highly unlikely that this is just ‘human nature’, and if you think so, you should at least consider why you believe that. cui bono (who benefits) from this situation?

This behavior is reinforced in entertainment and politics with such a frequency as to make you believe that they are painting a picture of what the world actually is, when in reality these things are actually designed to make you believe that. You automatically copy what you’ve seen because it’s all you know, and you are not self-aware about your motivations. Thus the phrase: “That’s what they want you to believe, man!”. Every single bit of your input in the modern age, outside of what you can draw from Logos, is completely contaminated with methods of making people behave in certain ways, and ensuring that they will fight to the death to keep perpetuating those behaviors back out into society.

The hidden ‘Wizards’ have en-trained Player 2 through repetition to say every single word they said. Logos will tell you that this is true, because it is counter-productive, and irrational behavior which serves no evolutionary purpose. That being the case, it has absolutely no reason to repeat over and over again across millions of conversations throughout the entire world. This isn’t really Player 2’s fault since part of the ‘Spell’ entails him being defensive and hostile towards the idea that he has been ‘fooled’. We are up against an awesome force, which has had thousands of years to refine the process. If you are not aware of the trick, and trying to fight against it, you will most assuredly fall for it.

A good stage magician can make you wonder if it really was mystical forces that allowed him to send that rabbit into a pocket-dimension. If the trick is good, and you are not aware of how it works or, for that matter, that it even is a trick, you could easily be forgiven for thinking it may be real. In that sense, a good stage magician is also a good real ‘wizard’, because they have made you believe something that isn’t true which has the effect of altering all of your other perceptions in one way or another, and eventually manifesting down to physical reality through your actions. This is the power of a good lie.

There is no shame in being wrong in the eyes of a wise person, because a wise person knows that all humans are limited in perception by nature, and this applies to even the wisest among us. No – to a wise person, you do not look stupid when you admit you were wrong, but you do look stupid when you clearly are wrong and you don’t admit it. If you admit you are wrong, you become better, and wiser. If you don’t, you gain nothing, and continue to to believe nonsense simply to avoid the ego hit.

This is incredibly destructive and selfish behavior, but it’s not your fault. If you want to break the spell, here is how you do it: Forgive yourself for acting silly. That was the ‘you’ from yesterday. The you from today knows better. Consider ‘What if this is true’ when someone says something to you. If you are not consciously making the attempt to see things from their point of view, you will automatically default to the Pavlovian training of our evil masters. Self awareness is key. Humility is a key. Logos is key. Respect is key. With these four keys, you can see through any spell to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

With the end of the previous age, and a new one coming on the horizon, it’s worth considering: If you could choose, what would you want the new age to look like? Would you prefer more terror, and slavery, possibly raised to a whole new level, or would you prefer to finally and forever end the influence of the ‘devil’ in the world by cutting off his influence off at the root? If you don’t think about it, and soon, someone will make the decision for you… and every decision after that…

On behalf of all mankind, this is a plea for you to manifest the good, and banish the evil through logos. Good luck fledgling wizard!

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