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So, this began when I listening to a podcast of the Celtic Rebel and his friend and they were talking about all those symbols that are in mainstream media. Anyways, it got me to thinking that there “could” be a connection between the “modern” archetype of Santa Claus and of Satan himself. Let’s compare:

Santa Claus:

  1. Is a bearded fat man in a red suit
  2. Has a list to see if you’ve been naughty or nice
  3. Has a group of reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolf
  4. Leaves presents if you are good; coal if you are naughty
  5. Lives at the North Pole
  6. Has a bunch of elves making toys in his workshop.
  7. Also known as Father Christmas
  8. Is permitted to enter through the house via the chimney with an offering of milk and cookies.
  9. Works only one night a year on Christmas Eve
  10. Is eventually phased out of one’s life because “He’s not real.”

Whereas Satan (Forgive me for any errors I make as I am not Christian but am thinking of the popular conception that resides in common experience):

  1. Is a red devil who lives in Hell.
  2. Knows of those souls who can be tempted into “evil” or being naughty
  3. Commands a legion of fellow fallen Angels of various names: Beelzebub, Lucifer, Baal, etc. (Curious to note the name of Cupid, isn’t it?)
  4. When tempting, Satan offers materialistic goods which ultimately leads one to a place of Brimstone
  5. Lives at the South Pole (According to Dante’s Comedy. A cold and desolute place itself.)
  6. Has a bunch of damned souls doing meaningless tasks or suffering through inane torments.
  7. Is also known by various names, of interest “The Old Serpent” or “Old Nick”
  8. Is permitted access into your home with an offering (of blood or some other sacrifical animal).
  9. Doesn’t exactly work, but has a persuasive tongue. Usually gets others to do his bidding.
  10. Is not believed in because “He’s not real.”

Okay, that might be stretching it out a bit. But there are parallels. What interested me is why Satan has the nickname of “Old Nick.” Wikipedia mentions that this, in conjunction with the term “Old Scratch,” was a term used in the 19th century. Why this name, I cannot seem to find a reason at the moment.

I’m going to pause here for a second because of a term I found in Wikipedia under the Devil’s titles:

Prince of this World (Rex Mundi) Apparently found in the Book of John of the Bible. As I have not studied any Latin, I’m going to be guessing, but doesn’t Rex mean King? I guess Prince works as well. Mundi makes a connection because of the term Axis Mundi which is the World Pillar, the Path Souls take to Reach Heaven, the connection that brings Heaven to Earth or vice-versa. We see this term in mythology in the sacred mountains, such as Mt. Meru, Mt. Peragortory, Mt. Zion. We also see this in the human body in the nervous system, or the chakra system. (Paracelcius mentions two trees in the human body: The Tree of Life in the Heart and artery system and the Tree of Knowledge in the Nervous system.)

Anyways, it’s just interesting to note that the both of these archetypes resides along the poles. Perhaps it is fitting that the baser materialistic being is found among the lowest point, while the higher benevolent being is found amount the top most point. I’m not a moralist, mainly because I can justify what I want, when I want (lying), but this does seem to parallel what constitutes a virtuous person in a common society.

Clearly an aside since I’ve already forgotten whatever point I was going to make with this. What makes this all so interesting is how one archetypical being is remolded into something else entirely.  This I gleamed from Michael Tsarion, but look at the God Kronos or Saturn. Here we have a deity who crastrated his father with a scythe to become the next King of the Gods. Kronos or Father Time however was doomed to have this done to him as well by his own children. So to prevent it he swallowed his children at birth, save for Zeus/Jupiter, I believe . In any case, Zeus does usurp his father’s throne, just as Kronos did.

Now, what is interesting to note is that’s where the story ends for Kronos/Saturn. Yet, we also have this strange other figure known as the Grim Reaper. His traditional tool is another scythe. He also has a list, but this list is based on how much “time” you have on Earth. I imagine that if there is a connection between Kronos/Saturn and the Grim Reaper, that the Grim Reaper’s appearance is based on his lost nutrient of his lost sons and daughters.  So it’s important to note that this transformation of a virile deity into this terrifying spectacle might actually be common place in Mythology.

We should also remember that prior to Zeus’ birth, the newer generation of Gods had not arrived. Kronos as Father Time rules Time. A different Age occurs when he is dethroned. So it could have been a more “Golden” age that has now become “Silver” due to new Gods/limitations  being introduced.

Hell, Prometheus/Lucifer/Satan thing of itself is another topic that is being paraded around, especially by those well more versed than I am. I’m going to stop here because I’m hungry and I want to mull this around some more.

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