The Most Underrated Bizarre Inventions Products You Need to Know

There have been quite a lot of amazing inventions over the years, but at the same time, we also had some rather dumb ones. It’s safe to say that while some inventions revolutionized industries, some of them was a simple, sometimes useless gimmick. Here we are covering some of the most interesting, yet bizarre inventions […]

Justin Bieber Born With Reptilian Background

The current social media age is pouring fuel on the fire. Because anyone is posting theories online and getting an audience. However, Hollywood conspiracy theories have also been around for decades. Sleuths and fans alike are prone to combining old interviews of celebs, and analyzing photographs to come up with some far-fetched storylines about the […]

How the Denver Airport Became an Icon of the Illuminati

Original Article – Midway through our tour of the Denver International Airport, media-relations chief Heath Montgomery tells me, “It’s kind of amazing that it’s lived on as long as it has.” We’re standing in the Jeppesen Terminal, a capacious main hall famed for its vaulted white tent roof that mimics the Rocky Mountains to […]

The Mandela Effect, Project Montauk & Camp Hero

The Mandela Effect This conspiracy is quite interesting when you stop and think about it. The premise is that the US government has altered time and reality itself. Some of the things you clearly remember happening just didn’t happen the way you remember. Was it six people or four people riding in the car the […]

All Roads Lead To Rome (the mother of all conspiracies)

This article was reposted from – In the Beginning Legend tells us that a great flood had swept the land. Different cultures and different religions tell of this great flood, from the Bible and Noah’s Ark, to the Babylonians and their Creation Stories, to the Maya and their hieroglyphs.  While we might never know what […]

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