New How-To Succeed in the Music Business in a Post Coronaconomy

The music business like every other industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Live music and the live aspect plays a crucial role in generating revenue for the music industry. The pandemic shut down the live aspect. Live shows and live events were the lifeblood of artists. Artists had to go back to the drawing […]

What Do the Kardashian’s Actually Do? The Rise of Influencers

The Kardashian family is a clear example that influencers can make millions upon millions of dollars just by sharing their lives with people from all over the world. This family in particular created a massive media empire simply via sharing their lives in a reality show. Which is why it comes as a bit confusing […]

NFT Music Boom Creates a New Better Horizon for Musicians

The Rise of Non-Fungible Token NFT and the Evolution of the Music Industry For many years now there has been a storm brewing in the music industry. To the consumer, the ability to access music and at a subscription rate seems like a dream come true. For the artists and those that get paid from working for artists, it has been a nightmare leaving most broke. That’s […]

1 in 3 Covid survivors are suffering from long-term health problems

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our society quite a bit, and it continues to transform the way we live our lives and do business. While a lot of people are suffering from this pandemic, it seems that even Covid survivors are encountering some issues as well. Those that already had this virus seem to suffer […]

Artists on the Rise Split Persona

Split Persona is a band with a focus on creating hard-hitting, yet melodic alternative rock music. Hailing from Reno, Nevada, the band set out to develop a balanced and personal sound with a unique approach.  Their music sets the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics, going for a diverse and one-of-a-kind […]

Moody Bank$ – Saturday
We GoT the Alpha (Data Rap) Prod. by Kayin
Loui Paso – ”Jack Pot” (Official Music Video) ft. Todd the God

The latest music video from New York based artist Loui Paso ”Jack Pot.”

Kurtis Blow in Recovery After Heart Transplant Surgery

According to the Washington Informer Kurtis Blow underwent a heart transplant surgery in Los Angeles, California.   His wife Shirley Walker said she believed the surgery went well. “We give all glory to God for the perfect heart and transplant,” The legend Kurtis Blow has a history of heart issues, back in 2016 he suffered a heart attack, last year […]

You Work for Google & You Work for Free

Google Uses reCAPTCHA to Train Its Artificial Intelligence for Driverless Cars Blog Entry 11/17/20 Thievery is always done under the guise of security. Multi-national companies like Google have swelled their yearly profits to over $100 billion. The four Big Tech companies Facebook, Apple, Alphabet aka Google, and Amazon combined annual revenue for 2019 was around […]

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