The Most Underrated Bizarre Inventions Products You Need to Know

There have been quite a lot of amazing inventions over the years, but at the same time, we also had some rather dumb ones. It’s safe to say that while some inventions revolutionized industries, some of them was a simple, sometimes useless gimmick. Here we are covering some of the most interesting, yet bizarre inventions […]

5 Poisons That Were Used To Kill People

Poison has always been used as a lethal weapon both in novels and in real life. One of the reasons why it was so popular among killers is because it can be very efficient, while also being hard to trace. Yes, it’s difficult to know who poisoned someone, when the poison itself is very efficient […]

Congratulations To Joe The Bluesman For His Placement In All Fresh Bread

Brian Charles Tischleder “Moma Told Me So” Album Review

In the age of “Lil Pump” and the millions of copy cat artists, Brian Charles Tishchleder and his new album “Moma Told Me So,” will restore your faith in music. The album is a masterful blend of rock, country, blues, and pop weaved around Brain’s smokey blues voice. Two tracks in particular shine on the […]

Congratulations Joe The Bluesman For Your Feature In Stereo Stickman
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