Congratulations To Joe The Bluesman For His Placement In All Fresh Bread

Brian Charles Tischleder “Moma Told Me So” Album Review

In the age of “Lil Pump” and the millions of copy cat artists, Brian Charles Tishchleder and his new album “Moma Told Me So,” will restore your faith in music. The album is a masterful blend of rock, country, blues, and pop weaved around Brain’s smokey blues voice. Two tracks in particular shine on the […]

Congratulations Joe The Bluesman For Your Feature In Stereo Stickman
Congratulations To Artist Raven Salve’ For Her Feature On Real Magic TV—coco-brown-the-remix

What A Great Interview With Artist Jessica Meuse (from the vault)

1. Where are we talking from today? A. Slapout, Alabama! 2. Where did you get your artist’s name from? A. I just use my name for my stage name.  “Meuse” has a pretty cool ring to it! 3. Music-wise what are you working on right now? Are you currently promoting a single or album? A. […]

White Reaper – Might Be Right [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Leon Bridges – River (Video)
Album Review Radio Drive In The Light

Radio Drive’s “In The Light” is a fun record that reckons back to the late 90’s Matchbox 20, Jimmy Eat World type sound. The album opens up with “First Time,” a fun fast-paced song that the singer hits perfect despite his almost Roger Waters like vocals. A song like this would have been a challenge […]

Fire Tiger – Energy
Shelita Burke – Penetrate Part 2
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