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Frank Castle 4 Devilz (Official Music Video) feat. ClvssvctMarv Lyricist Dee X Yn Jay Solidified David S Gray Leave The Trap (offer services instead) Yung Dred feat. Lil Gotit Overload (Official Music Video) Quin NFN & SSG Splurge Ditch Diggers (Official Music Video)

Stephan Martines
Artists on the Rise Maddie Medley

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Artists On The Rise Luh Soildier The Real Chinoo & More

The Real Chinoo Sharone Jeremy Parsons Luh Soildier

Interview With Desiree Million

Where are we talking from today? We are talking from Alabama although I was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan. Where did you get your artist’s name from? My artist name is my real legal name. My last name is from a divorce I had when I was 20 years old. I was married to […]

Interview with DJ Flowmotion

Where did you get your artist’s name from? My real name is Florian and back when I started getting into DJing I wanted an artist name that is similar to my first name and has something to do with music. As a DJ I tend to move and dance a lot behind the DJ desk, […]

Artist On The Rise Fam Band Interview

Where are we talking from today? Fam Band “rings” out of the Nasty Nati, or as some call it, Cincinnati, which is in the southwest corner of Ohio. BGutt and I were both born in the Nati and went to middle and high school together. Lifetook us to many cities but we both ended up […]

Ski Mask Jay “Grind” Review

“Grind,” is an upbeat anthem with a hypnotic touch. The chorus is very catchy, fun, and reflects the modern autotune style. The verses themselves are well put together and fit the chorus perfect with their club-like lyrics. The beat is a fast tempo, upbeat anthem style track, that blends a melodic piano over smooth trap […]

Interview With Artist Mike XI

Where are we talking from today? Los Angeles. Where did you get your artist’s name from? Mike XI it’s 11 11 is an angelic number. More: “Number 11 is the Master number that is related to Karma. This number is also a symbol of spiritual awakening. If this number keeps appearing very often by your […]

Artists On The Rise JKeys

Where are we talking from today?   Flowery Branch, Georgia Where did you get your artist’s name from?  JKeys comes from Jonathan (first name) and Keys (playing the keyboard). Music-wise what are you working on right now? Are you currently promoting a single or album?  Working on music and promoting some on IG. What have been […]

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