Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel Release New Single “Laced”

Meet Peezy & LaLa, a new duo behind the future hit single “Laced.” Peezy & Lala met in 2007 in Broward County and their energy shifted each other’s perspective on music so they formed a special bond and decided to give the world something they sonically felt it needed. The overall vibe on ‘Laced’ is […]

Climbing The Indie Charts – Parks Squares & Alleys
@entirelypr Q&A With Ishmael Herring

Where are we talking from today? I live in Nashville as of late. I live in a three-bedroom house, just off of Nolensville Road. I haven’t been here long but I do like the neighborhood. My Name Is Ishmael Herring. Where did you get your artist’s name from? Strangely enough, I did not name the […]

Artist On The Rise Dex Kool
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